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Management Services

At APG, we’re proud to offer a wide range of different services designed to meet your needs as a property owner.

Here are some of the key reasons many people elect professional management over self-management:

  • We supply rental applications and other documents necessary to meet landlord/tenant laws
  • We handle tenant problems
  • We fully account for all deposits
  • We notify clients prior to any excessive expenses regarding a property
  • We ensure required maintenance is done in a timely manner
  • We provide 24-hour emergency service
  • We provide digital, detailed monthly statements accounting for all income and disbursements for the property
  • We screen prospective tenants for civil and criminal records, past rental history and other factors
  • We provide around-the-clock marketing of vacant properties via the company website and smart phone application
  • We use cutting-edge software to manage properties efficiently and cost-effectively
  • We understand and apply the correct federal, state, and local laws, keeping you and your investment out of trouble.
  • We know the local market, have an extensive network of contacts, and have advertising resources available to us at discounted rates. This allows us to provide around-the-clock marketing of vacant properties via several websites and smart phone application.

We comply fully with the Fair Housing Act. This means that you can choose to disallow pets and not permit smoking in your home, but you cannot deny a service animal. You cannot choose to disallow anyone that is a member of a protected class under the act.


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